Are you sometimes (or always!) discouraged by the size of your compact kitchen?

It can be frustrating when you need more space to store your essentials or prepare your meals comfortably, especially if you love to cook for family and guests.

But, with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make the most of minimal square footage. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize that tiny space with the help of kitchen remodeling companies near Fort Collins CO:

Clever Storage Solutions

You need to get creative when you have limited counter and cabinet space. Installing shelves or racks on your wall space opens up room to store pots, pans, and larger utensils. Hanging baskets or hooks are another option because they allow you to store your fruits and vegetables. Magnetic strips are a great option for making the most of your vertical space.

And remember the inside of your cabinets; there are plenty of organizational tools for that, too, including stackable shelves and pull-out drawers. Make the most of every square inch of your storage space!

Maximize Counter Space

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, it always feels like there needs to be more counter space to prepare your meals. Consider installing a fold-down or pull-out counter extension if your counter space is smaller than most. You can also use a cutting board or tray to create extra counter space when you need it. Maximize your surface space by keeping cooking utensils tucked away instead of in a container on the counter. This will save you some precious extra inches. Finally, if you have a small kitchen island or table, use it as a prep area when you’re not using it for eating. A rolling island is a great way to have the benefit of extra prep space without having the permanent fixture in the middle of your kitchen.

Smart Appliance Choices

The right kitchen appliances can make all the difference when you have limited space. Look for those that are designed for small spaces, such as slim refrigerators or compact dishwashers. Appliances should serve multiple functions, too, like a microwave that doubles as a convection oven or a blender that also functions as a food processor.

Lighting and Color Choices

Make your tight space feel larger with light colors on your walls and cabinets and with reflective surfaces like stainless steel or glass. The lighting should combine task and ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also, consider adding some under-cabinet lighting to brighten up your counter space and make it easier to prep your meals.

A small kitchen remodel near Fort Collins, CO doesn’t have to be a source of frustration. With some clever storage solutions, smart appliance choices, and strategic lighting and color choices, you can make the most of your space and create a functional and beautiful kitchen.