Ready to transform your boring cooking space into your dream kitchen?

Kitchen renovations are an exciting journey that can bring new life into your home. Whether you’re looking to update your countertops or redesign the entire layout, remodeling that space can increase your home’s value and improve your daily life.

While that sounds fun and exciting, you’ve also heard that remodeling can be challenging. Here’s what to expect during your upcoming kitchen remodeling project in Fort Collins, CO:

Initial Consultation

An at-home or virtual consultation is key to getting you and your contractor on the same page. When discussing your vision, needs, and budget with your contractor during the initial consultation, feel free to bring up any concerns or doubts about the process. After all, it’s your kitchen remodel, and your contractor should be there to guide you and answer your questions. You should also provide any input or ideas that may help improve the design of your current kitchen.

Design Phase

The planning process is extremely important. This is when you’ll work closely with your contractor or professional designer to finalize the design and choose materials, finishes, and colors. This is the time to get creative and think outside the box while also considering the practicality and functionality of your space. Your contractor should provide you with a detailed plan and timeline, and work with you to bring your vision to life.


Before construction begins, your contractor may take steps to protect your home and belongings. This includes protecting your floors and furniture and potentially setting up a temporary kitchen space so that you can still prepare meals during the remodel. This is when your contractor will obtain permits and purchase products, materials, and additional items like light fixtures. Remember, communication is critical during the pre-construction phase, so ensure you and your contractor are on the same page about the timeline and potential obstacles.


This is when the magic of the remodeling process happens! Your contractor will begin by demolishing your existing kitchen and preparing the space for the new design. The construction crew will install new cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances. This is also when any electrical or plumbing work will be completed.

Final Touches

Once the construction is complete, your contractor will perform a final walkthrough to ensure everything is up to code and meets your expectations. They’ll make any necessary touch-ups and ensure everything is functioning correctly. This is also when you can add final touches, like new decor, complementary products, or accent lighting.

Prepare like a pro!

As exciting as a major kitchen remodel sounds, you also know it will be awhile before you can finally use the space again. But, with the right contractor, the process can be exciting, too. Knowing what to expect during each phase helps you better prepare for the process and helps ensure a successful project.