Evaluate potential contractors before you hire any for a job. With expert tips to guide you, you’ll find a contractor who can fulfill the needs of your project from start to finish.

Ask People

Reach out to people in your network. Ask them for recommendations. Have they hired a roofing contractor in Fort Collins, CO, recently? Their suggestions can help you winnow down your options.

Do Interviews

Most recruiters do the initial interview through a phone or a video call. Do the same. That can save you time and help you filter through the applicants faster.

Make a List

Make the most of the interviews. Create a list of the questions you’ll ask to avoid wasting time. That will also ensure you cover all the areas you set out to. Ask about the size of the projects they take on. Can they provide a list of their previous clients? Will they work with subcontractors? Can they vouch for their expertise and skills?

Check Credentials

Look for contractors with the proper credentials. Do they have a rating from the Better Business Bureau? Find out what it is. What are the contractor’s other qualifications? Investigate the facts before hiring someone to work on your property.

Look at Feedback

What do other clients say about the contractor? Is there any news implicating the company in shady business deals? Complaints are normal. Every business has them. But are there too many complaints? Factor that into your hiring decision.

Discuss the Payment Schedule

Work out a payment schedule ahead of time. A 20 percent down payment is the norm in the industry. But if the company wants more than half of the total bill, that’s a red flag. You may be dealing with a dodgy service provider.

Don’t Look at Cost Alone

Don’t rely on the cost to find a contractor. The best isn’t going to charge the highest rate. It’s better to spend more time researching the contractor. That’s the best way to find out if they’re right for the project and if they can deliver the best value for your money.

Put Everything in Writing

A contract is still the best way to seal the deal. Make sure all the details are in the contract. If they tell you that they’ll add those details after you sign, refuse it. Put your name on the dotted line only when you’re satisfied that they have included the terms and conditions both parties agreed on.