Renovating your kitchen is a big project. Depending on the scope of the work, the fixtures or surfaces you’ll update, and whether you do some of the work yourself or hire a crew to handle everything from top to bottom, all those details will affect how long it will take. A complete overhaul, of course, will take longer than just installing new cabinets. Here’s a look at how long it may take before your kitchen renovation is done.

Let’s Talk Averages

Experts say that the average kitchen renovation lasts for about six to nine weeks. You can eye the same time frame. But there are variables that play into that. Larger kitchens with complex refurbishing can take anywhere from ten to twelve weeks. A larger project can take about three to five months. When you consult a contractor for kitchen remodeling in Fort Collins, CO, ask them to give you a time frame based on the project’s scope. That can help you determine if they can deliver the work on schedule.

Be Realistic with Your Timeline

Plenty of things can affect the timeline of your kitchen renovation in Fort Collins, CO. The crew might discover that the wiring or plumbing is too old to support your new appliances and needs to be replaced. They may run into trouble procuring the materials. Weather conditions may also come into it. A realistic timeline must provide leeway in case these things come up. Keep that in mind when the renovation project starts.

Discuss the Budget from the Onset

Be upfront about your budget. Place the orders for all the products and materials early. Does your design-build team have all the product specifications? Make sure that’s the case before the demolition starts.

Ask About Their Availability

One of the things you need to sort out is the team’s availability. Some of them may be backed up for weeks or months in advance. Will that work? Do you need them to start on your project right away? If the crew needs to work around your schedule, that also adds to the delays so the construction will take longer.

Limit the Changes

You want every detail to be perfect. But too many changes to the project when the construction has already begun will only cause further delays. That’s why it pays to assess the design and ask for modifications or changes before the construction starts. That will ensure that you stay on time and within budget.