Colorado residents must take time before choosing their home’s siding. After all, the weather changes expose the siding to various conditions. Therefore, if it isn’t suitable, it doesn’t last long. Besides, Fort Collins experiences snowfall of about 57 inches, 16 inches of rainfall, and over 200 days of summer.

So, the siding material must be durable and adaptable to the area’s conditions. Moreover, homeowners need durable and suitable siding to protect their families and valuable homes.

Find a siding contractor in Fort Collins, CO, to get the best advice on the appropriate siding for your home. However, experienced contractors recommend the following for residents of Colorado.

1. Fiber Cement Siding

This siding material is suitable for homes in Colorado because of its elegance, versatility, and durability. Moreover, homeowners who prefer a natural, rustic look cannot resist fiber cement siding. In addition, this siding material does not need excessive maintenance and care compared to wood siding.

2. Engineered Wood Composite Siding

Homes and businesses in Fort Collins benefit from this siding material since it has a mix of protectants. The material is suitable due to these reasons:

• Impact resistance
• Termite repellence
• Resistance to moisture and fungal decay

Furthermore, engineered wood composite siding has curb appeal due to its wood grain-like texture.

3. Wood Siding

Residents and business owners who don’t mind the high maintenance requirements of this siding material enjoy maximum benefits. Firstly, cedar is a popular choice for wood siding. It has a timeless beauty and gives the residence a rustic look.

In addition, cedar is naturally insect-repellent. However, homeowners should be ready to carry out consistent maintenance to increase durability. Also, regular care keeps the siding looking as good as new.

4. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the perfect option for homeowners on a budget. Moreover, if the home has a low market value, installing expensive siding does not make sense. Fortunately, vinyl siding has low maintenance needs. Still, it lasts long and has aesthetic appeal.

What’s better is the wide range of color choices. Home and business owners can choose various styles and colors to improve curb appeal and increase aesthetic value. Lastly, if the owner is energy conscious, they can opt for insulated vinyl siding.

5. Steel Siding

Steel siding is excellent for adverse weather conditions like hailstorms. Moreover, it is highly durable and imitates wood grain-like texture. If you choose steel siding, you have peace of mind since this material needs little maintenance, yet it looks great.

Siding contractors in Fort Collins, CO, are available and ready to offer professional advice to home and business owners in Colorado. So, before choosing a siding material, consider all the features and discover more about siding materials to make an informed decision.