Choosing the right deck material can greatly improve the look and durability of your deck. The most important thing to remember is that there are factors that determine the type of material you use. Conditions such as climatic conditions will help you determine whether you need a particular type of deck material or not.

Choosing the right deck material in Fort Collins, CO, is crucial, whether you want to install a new one or replace an old one. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the deck materials used.

Pressure Treated Wood

This is one of the most used materials for decks. While they have a lower cost, it is important to consider the following pros and cons.


  1. Pressure-treated wood has the lowest cost of materials
  2. It is the best material if you are looking for a traditional and natural look
  3. They also allow you to personalize your space through different paints and wood types


  1. Required regular maintenance, especially in areas with heavy precipitation and direct sunlight
  2. It uses soft and porous material, which makes it prone to stains and scratches
  3. They have a low lifespan of about 10-15 years and may need replacement

Composite Material

This material is made from a mixture of wood particles and polyethylene. It avoids many drawbacks of wood hence a good alternative to wood.


  1. It is environmentally friendly
  2. It does not require frequent maintenance, which lowers maintenance cost
  3. Does not split, splinter or rot
  4. It has a higher life expectancy than pressure-treated wood


  1. It required a high installation cost
  2. Screw holes make it susceptible to swelling in excess moisture conditions
  3. It feels more like plastic than a wood
  4. They are soft and porous; hence fade and scratch easily

PVC and Vinyl Decking

PVC and Vinyl Decking are made from synthetic or recycled materials that are fully recyclable. It is environmentally friendly and great for decks and other outdoor applications.


  1. It will neither splinter nor fade
  2. Requires low maintenance cost
  3. As it is a lightweight material, it does not require finishing or maintenance
  4. It has a long life span and is not prone to scratching or staining


  1. They are more expensive than pressures treated wood and composite material
  2. Prone to expansion, contraction, and flex
  3. Provide a limited color selection

How to Choose the Best Decking Material

When choosing the right material for your deck, consider the following:

Cost: what is your budget for the deck?

Durability: You need to look at a decking material that can withstand the climatic conditions of your area.

Aesthetic quality: The type of deck material you choose will greatly affect its aesthetic appeal. How do you want your deck to look?

Lastly, getting professional advice from a deck contractor in Fort Collins, CO, is always a good choice before settling on what material to use. HWG services will help you make a better decision for your investment and help you fulfill your dream of getting a quality deck.