As winter begins to fade away and the temperatures start to warm up, homeowners across the country begin thinking about their outdoor spaces. With spring just around the corner, there has never been a more perfect time to start planning and preparing for outdoor projects.

One project many homeowners look forward to during this time of year is building or renovating a deck. After all, it does provide the perfect outside space for family time and entertaining during the warmer months.

Here are some reasons spring is the best time to start your deck project.

Agreeable Weather

Spring is the perfect time to start at-home projects for your outdoor spaces. Because the weather conditions tend to be mild, you won’t have to worry about excessive cold or heat delaying your progress. Additionally, the mild weather makes it easier to work on your deck project for extended periods of time.

Availability of Materials and Contractors

Spring is also a great time to start your deck project because most building materials and contractors are readily available. Since the demand for outdoor projects increases in the warmer months, you’ll have a more comprehensive selection of materials to choose from, and contractors will have more availability. This means that you can get the materials and professional help you need to get your deck project started and completed in a timely manner.

Ready for Summer

Starting your deck project in the spring means it will be ready for summer. With a new or renovated deck, you’ll have a great space to host outdoor gatherings and enjoy the warmer weather. Whether hosting a barbecue or just enjoying a night under the stars, a deck provides an excellent space for entertaining and relaxation.

More Accessible Permits and Inspections

Building permits and inspections can be a hassle, but starting your deck project in the spring can make it easier. During the colder months, building departments are typically less busy, so you’ll have a better chance of completing your permits and inspections quickly. This means you can start your project with peace of mind, knowing that all the necessary permits and inspections have been taken care of.

Increased Home Value

Building or renovating a deck in the spring can increase the value of your home. A deck is a desirable feature for many homebuyers, and it can add significant value to your property. By starting your project in the spring, you can have your deck completed in time for the busy summer home-buying season, which can attract more potential buyers and increase the resale value of your home.

Final Thoughts

Spring is the perfect time to start your deck project. With mild weather conditions, availability of materials and contractors, readiness for summer, easier permits and inspections, and increased home value, there’s no better time to build or renovate your deck. So, start planning your project today, and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.