9 Ideas For Basement Remodels

One of the most effective ways to add style, storage, and function to your home is to transform the basement. In many homes, basements are like blank slates with lots of potential. No matter if your basement is unfinished or finished and not used to its full potential, giving it a remodel can transform the entire space and how you use your home.

Often overlooked, the basement can be used in a number of ways to add valuable space, fun, and function to your home. Contractor companies can provide basement remodeling services to turn your existing space into a great area.

If you want to remodel your basement but aren’t sure where to start, think of all the potential and what features you would like added to your home before you talk to a company specializing in basement remodeling services. To start your brainstorming, here are nine inspiring ways to transform your basement:

1. Entertain the Entire Family with a Game Room

cozy basement game room with couch kitchenette and pool table

If you love to entertain or just spend time playing games as a family, a basement game room could quickly become the most-used space in the house.

A basement game room allows you to be creative with fun colors, décor, and gaming devices. If you’re a board game family, add lots of storage for your favorite games and a big table that can hold everyone.

If you’re more into video games, add a vintage arcade machine and a big screen TV and comfortable chairs for gaming marathons. You can also create add more open space for larger games like a pool table or ping pong table.

With a game room, the basement can become your gathering space for some friendly competition. To accommodate bigger groups, add comfortable furniture and perhaps even a small kitchen or space for snacks and drinks.

2. Let the Kids Have Fun with a Playroom

playroom with many toys for children spread across the floor and storage shelves

Tired of your kids’ toys all over the house? Move them to the basement. A dedicated basement playroom can become an oasis for kids. And as a benefit for parents, the noise and mess are contained deep in the house.

A basement playroom also gives kids a chance to spread out and be themselves. Instead of feeling like they can only play in a small space and can’t make a mess, children have the freedom to explore.

And when they’re done playing, simply shut the door to the basement to keep the mess at bay.

Turning the basement into a playroom can also give kids more room to play than putting their toys in other areas of the house and allows for kid-friendly decorations and bigger toys.

When looking for basement remodeling ideas for your northern Colorado home, a basement playroom can keep your kids entertained all winter long when the weather is cold.

A great basement playroom will turn your house into the most popular place in the neighborhood.

3. Bring the Big Screen to You with a Home Theater

basement home theater with projector, comfy couch and love seat and coffee table

Basements are typically dark and quiet—perfect for creating a home theater. It doesn’t take much to create a great basement movie-watching experience—all you need is a big TV or projector and screen and a comfortable couch.

You can also take it to the next level with inclined rows of movie theater-worthy recliners, mood lighting, and a snack bar with a popcorn machine.

Add surround sound and noise-canceling wall padding for the ultimate experience. You can also add a marquee, add curtains, and decorate the theater with posters from your favorite movies to add to the ambiance.

With the rising cost of movie theater tickets, building your own theater can help you save big on those ticket prices.

A basement movie theater is a fun place for people of all ages to gather—from family movie nights to get-togethers for teenagers and smaller kids, a home theater has something for everyone.

4. Build Out a Productive Home Office

basement home theater with projector, comfy couch and love seat and coffee table

More people are working from home these days, and space can be tight in the upper levels of your home. Take advantage of your basement space by building a home office to meet all your needs.

A basement home office can remove you from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house and help you do your best work outside of the traditional office.

Depending on your type of work, a home office can be customized to give you a dedicated workspace with a door that closes for privacy.

Add a desk and table for multiple work surfaces, a large whiteboard for brainstorming, a work table for creating or fulfilling orders—the possibilities are endless.

Think of how you work and what features would help you be more productive and include them in your basement home office.

5. Stay Fit with a Home Gym

basement home theater with projector, comfy couch and love seat and coffee table

There’s no excuse not to exercise when you have a home gym in your own basement.

Build the workout space of your dreams with equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals. Most basements have large open spaces, which are perfect for a home gym.

Lay down durable foam flooring and put large mirrors on the walls. Fill the space with whatever equipment you want, ranging from cardio equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike to a weight bench and set of free weights.

Add things like a yoga mat and exercise ball so you can do a wide variety of exercises. You can put in a stereo system and jam out to your favorite workout playlist or a TV to play exercise videos.

With a home gym, you’ll save on expensive gym memberships and won’t have to travel for your daily exercise.

6. Reduce Clutter with a Basement Storage Room

basement storage with multiple rows of shelving

It might not be as flashy as some of these other transformations, but building out storage space in your basement is a practical use of the area.

Look around your house at the type of items that are most often in the way and create a storage space for them below ground.

Install large shelves for seasonal items you only use on occasion, such as holiday decorations, snow gear, and suitcases.

You can also add cold storage for emergency supplies and extra food. A basement storage space can be as finished as you need it to be.

If you are looking to remodel your basement on a budget, you can add shelving without finishing the floor or walls. Or you could go all out with a completely finished basement and custom shelving system.

7. Keep Friends and Family Cozy with a Guest Suite

basement guest room with two twin beds decorated nicely with a nightstand in the middle

Want a place for guests to stay that gives them (and you) privacy? Create a basement guest suite. A bedroom and bathroom allow guests to have their own dedicated space in your home. To create a comfortable guest room, decorate in warm colors and add a comfortable bed.

Consider the guests who typically stay with you. In most cases, a queen or king bed will be sufficient, but you may need bunk beds or other solutions if you frequently have family and children sleeping over.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can add a kitchenette and other amenities and turn your basement suite into a vacation rental to make some extra money. If you go that route, consider adding a separate entrance straight from the outside to your basement.

8. Immerse Yourself in a Basement Library

basement home theater with projector, comfy couch and love seat and coffee table

Basements are often darker than the rest of the house, making them a great cozy place to curl up with a book. Line the walls with shelves full of your favorite books and fill the space with comfortable chairs or couches, blankets, and lighting.

You can also add candles and a faux fireplace to make the space extra cozy. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire room in your basement to the library, add a smaller reading nook to the basement hallway or landing area.

To make the space extra inviting, find a fun and comfortable chair, such as a swinging chair or plush lounger.

9. Jam Out in a Music Room

basement home theater with projector, comfy couch and love seat and coffee table

Musicians of all ages will appreciate a dedicated music room in the basement to experiment with new sounds. And everyone else in the house will appreciate not having to constantly hear music practice.

A music room works well for kids learning to play a new instrument, a teenage band needing a space to practice, or adults looking to expand their hobbies.

You can also use a music room to teach lessons or even record music in a basement turned music studio.

To create your basement music room, put some acoustic panels on the walls to improve the sound quality and buffer noise from reaching other areas of the home.

Add your instruments and other supplies, including music stands and microphones.

Depending on what kind of music will be playing in your music room, you can put in comfortable chairs and couches and decorate with band posters or pictures of famous composers.

The basement is full of potential. No matter where you are starting from, you can completely transform the space into these nine ideas for basement remodels.

The sky’s the limit to create a functional or fun addition to your home.

Let’s create your dream basement remodel today!