On a national average, a kitchen remodel costs about $22,000 in the US. That number can go down to $5,000 or up to about $50,000 or even more, depending on several factors. The cost typically runs from $12,000 to about $33,000. If you want to upgrade your kitchen with a remodeling project, here’s what you need to know to build your budget.

Start with Your Reasons

Are you remodeling because you want to? Or do you have to? If you’re with the first option, consider what you want out of the remodel. Do you want your kitchen to last for years, maybe about 15 to 20? Do you want durable, sturdy cabinets, more space, and better appliances? If you’re with the second option, though, it’s best that you hire a team that offers kitchen remodeling services in Fort Collins, CO, right away. The sooner you talk to an expert about your kitchen, the sooner they can sort out your problems. If something needs to be fixed, they can address those issues first.

Renovate or Remodel?

A remodel is a project on a smaller scale. A renovation can mean the entire home and not just your kitchen. When you talk to your contractor, make sure you’re both on the same page when you use those terms. That will prevent misunderstandings later.

Consider an Expansion

A remodel often still works with the original space or footprint of the kitchen. An expansion, though, may involve tearing down walls, reframing the space, and expanding the room. That will entail more detail, work, and adjustments. It will also cost you more.

Factor in Installation and Labor

You should have enough in your budget to cover the cost of the labor and installation. That can set you back $3,500 to $6,000, which can be 15 or 20 percent of your total budget for the project. You can negotiate the cost, though. You may want to take on some of the prep work, for instance. Talk to your contractor about the jobs that you can take. Also, find out first if the contractor is amenable to reducing their fees in exchange for you taking care of those tasks.

Choose Quality Materials

The quality of your materials will also affect your remodeling budget. Cheap cabinets may save money, but they’re not a trustworthy long-term investment. If you want options that will last you longer, consider high-quality materials. Talk to the contractor about that.