Leaks, rows of missing shingles, granules in your gutter, and more are some common signs that your roof is failing. You’ll need professional contractors to repair or replace your roof. Here’s what you can do to prepare before the team gets to your doors.

Take Down Photos, Mirrors, and Glass Fixtures

Remove anything hanging from your walls. If you have a wall of photos, take them down. If you have mirrors hanging from the walls, a screen, or even glass fixtures, remove them for now. There will be a lot of heavy construction, which could cause your walls to shift or vibrate. Bare walls are better if you don’t want to damage your possessions.

Clear Your Attic of Everything Important

Make sure your attic is empty of valuable items before the company you hire for roofing in Fort Collins, CO, arrives at your door. While experienced roofers will do their best to minimize the debris and dust during the repair or installation of a new roof, it’s wise not to put anything there. If there’s heavy furniture, cover them with a tarp or sheet.

Keep Your Kids Away

Kids have a way of getting into trouble. You’ll want to keep them away from where the crew is. If your kids love to run around, they could trip on the crew’s tools, fall, and hurt themselves. That will help prevent accidents onsite. If you can’t watch over the kids, it would be best to leave them with a relative until the repairs or installation is done. That will be safer for them.

Secure Your Pets

Pets can also get in the way of the crew. They could get hostile with your roofing experts, which can lead to potential problems. Don’t leave the crew to deal with an angry, stubborn cat or a growling, unfriendly dog. Put them in a room or the yard so they won’t get underfoot.

Protect Your Windows

Falling dust and debris may get into your windows. Close them all. That will make you feel that there’s stale air in the room, but it’s only temporary. Aside from keeping the windows closed, you should consider boarding them up. That also helps prevent accidental damage to your windows, especially to the glass. The crew may be careful when they throw pieces of the old roof down your yard. But a sudden gust of wind could make some of those pieces change direction. If your windows are protected, you won’t have to worry about falling dust and debris.