A pergola can give you more shade with less maintenance. If you want a pergola in your backyard, here are design suggestions to keep in mind. Learning about the process will help when you talk to your contractor.

Start with the Basics

When it comes to the basics, the first thing on your mind may be wood pergolas. They’re simple and elegant. Grow a climbing vine to add a more romantic touch to the structure. That should give you a lovely getaway spot or a relaxing retreat where you can entertain guests.

Consider the Weather

Your pergola will be exposed to outdoor elements. Think about the usual weather conditions you face. You’ll want durable materials for your pergola. If you’re using wood, make sure they’re treated. The treatment needs to be re-done every few years, so keep that in mind when you ask your pergola contractors in Fort Collins, CO, about options that can withstand local weather conditions.

Think About a Patio Pergola

You can do so much with a pergola. Why not try expanding your porch space with it? That should make for an excellent hangout spot. You can spend time there, relaxing after a long day. It can also be the perfect place to entertain guests. Add chairs, a table, rugs, pillows, and potted plants. By the time you’re done, you’ll be more than ready to curl up on the chairs or couch and watch as the sun sets.

Add a Canopy

Think about covering your pergola with a canopy. That’s one way to keep the heat and sunshine off you. If you want to fully enjoy the shade of your pergola, a canopy works. Install one, so you can spend your summers relaxing with no worries about skin cancer or UV rays from the sun.

Play with an Attached Pergola

If you don’t have porch space but more than enough room in your backyard, consider an attached pergola. Attach it to the side of your roof. It can be classy, simple, or elegant, depending on the touches and accessories you want. You could also set one near your pool. Add a canopy for more shade, a daybed, screens, and you’ve got a good spot for poolside lounging.

Time the Shopping Right

If you’re buying plants for your pergola, consider when the best deals come. Also, if you’re adding flowering plants, consider their seasons. Add flowers that bloom just in time for spring, summer, winter, or fall.